'Vintage Photos of Victorian Era People in Scotland From the 1850s'

'Vintage Photos of Victorian Era People in Scotland From the 1850s'
04:11 Nov 19

'A collection of photographs of people in Scotland taken by Scottish photographer Horatio Ross during the 1850\'s. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art. history, documentary, pics, pictures, photography studio, women, woman, victorian era fashion, clothing, clothes, dress, dresses, collodion glass plate negative, camera, cameras, self-portrait, chemicals, equipment, darkroom, furniture, antlers, hunting, hunters, outfit, albumen silver print, salt print, salted paper, justine henrietta macrae, wife, family portraits, portrait, house, interior, home, chair, table, peel ross, son, hairstyle, haircut, hair, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859, smiling, smile, british, uk, united kingdom, great britain, edward, military uniform, posing, pose, colin, jessie, relatives, relative, cousin, book, reading, outside, outdoor, mrs. kennedy, june, mother, major anderson, sitting, sit, cane, walking stick, beard, picnic, stream, august, eating a meal, fishing, fish, kids, children, child, boys, net, cabin, highlands, cow, calf, mr. walker, windows, warner, members, top hat, stove pipe hats, james sewell, doorway, door, old tom, elderly, old, oldest, unidentified, unknown, sideburns, bald, rare, vintage,'

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