'Destiny 2 Hunter Fashion Sets #26'

'Destiny 2 Hunter Fashion Sets #26'
12:26 Aug 4

'So today I have for you all the long awaited, Hunter Fashion Sets #26! In this video I will show you all the best hunter submissions from my Discord Server. Now I will also have a Halloween Fashion Sets video coming very soon. Don\'t forget to join the discord so you don\'t miss out on the titan submissions! Leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video :) Discord: https://discord.gg/8AsM22mrrb Socials: https://www.instagram.com/krypz.yt/ https://www.reddit.com/user/KrypzYT ============================================================================== Congrats to Shrigma, Will.D, Falcxn1, Lily the Server Mute, KGBinx, Owen Paapie and Krolle for winning Hunter Fashion Sets #26 ============================================================================== Timestamps Intro (0:00) Set 1 (0:53) Set 2 (2:28) Set 3 (3:46) Set 4 (5:16) Set 5 (6:40) Set 6 (8:02) Honourable Mentions (9:30) Set 7 (10:33) Outro (11:54) Hunter Fashion #26 Set 1 - Shrigma Name: Rainout Hunter Helm: Couturier ornament - Lawful Neutral Arms: Mechanik 1.1 Uncommon - Desert of Gold Chest: Crystocrene vest from beyond light - Dead Orbit Camo Boots: Stompees exotic (astrostriders) - Dead Orbit Camo Cloak: Scatterhorn cloak from tangled shore - Desert of Gold Set 2 - Will.D Helm: Weyloran’s iron mask ornament Arms: Bladesmiths memory Chest: Vest of the great hunt from last wish raid Boots: Steadfast hunter ornament Cloak: Iron fellowship cloak Shader: iron mossbone Set 3 - Falcxn1 Name: MegaNeura Helm: Graviton forfeit exotic (Rigel Crossroads) - Lawful neutral Arms: Pyrrhic ascent grasps - Arctic Pearl Chest: Empyrean Cartographer Ornament - Nebula rose Boots: Prestige leviathan raid boots - Bitterpearl Cloak: Solstice cloak (rekindled) - Amaranth Atrocity Set 4 - Lily the Server mute Name: Spec ops Hunter Helm: Wastelander mask - Gambit Jadestone Arms: Wildwood grips from EDZ packages - Abyssinian gold Chest: Legatus ornament from - Abyssinian gold Boots: Legatus ornament from - Metro shift Cloak: Wildwood cloak from EDZ - Abyssinian gold Set 5 - KGBinx Name: Sleek & Selected Helm: Gensym knight casque from Xur Arms: Couturier ornament Chest: BrayTech Combat Vest Boots: Meridian constellation ornament from season of the lost pass Cloak: Memory of cayde cloak Shader: Ancient republic from shader bundle Set 6 - Owen paapie Name: The Wandering Bard Helm: Iron truage casque Arms: Iron forerunner grips Chest: Vest of the great hunt from last wish raid Boots: Bombardiers exotic Cloak: Iron forerunner cloak Shader: Oiled gunmetal on helm, Testudo on arms,chest and boots. vintage timber on cloak. Honourable Mentions Oxi - Iron Lord Helm: Iron Forerunner mask Arms: Iron Symmachy grips Chest: Iron Fellowship vest Boots: Bombardiers Exotic Cloak: Efrideet\'s Iron cloak Shaders: Lawful neutral on whole set except helm, Mercurian sunrise on helm. Hike Helm: Illuminus Mask (Majestic) Arms: Nemean grips Chest: Legatus ornament Boots: Nemean boots Cloak: Illuminus Cloak (Majestic) Shader: Midnight Talons Sasuke_Louis Helm: Couturier mask - Chitin Slate Arms: Praefectus grips - Abyssinian Gold Chest: Legatus ornament - Abyssinian Gold Boots: Seventh Seraph boots - Abyssinian Gold Cloak: Refugee cloak - Rivalry Stoic Wood Helm: Wastelander Mask - Gambit Chrome Arms: Scatterhorn Grasps - Sunrise Warrior Chest: Luxe vest ornament - Sunrise Warrior Boots: Gemini Jester (Trickster) - Sunrise Warrior Cloak: At least it\'s a Cape - Sunrise Warrior OffPara - Squid Games Helm: Red Moon Phantom Mask - Dead Orbit Camo Arms: Couturier Ornament - Sunrise Warrior Chest: Couturier Ornament - Sunrise Warrior Boots: Prodigal Strides - Sunrise Warrior Cloak: Refugee Cloak - Sunrise Warrior Set 7 - Krolle Helm: Iron pledge ornament Arms: Grips of the exile from Trials of Osiris Chest: Gwinsin vest exotic (eerie breeze) Boots: Legatus ornament from season of the chosen pass Cloak: Iron pledge ornament Shaders: Ironwood on arms, chest and boots, and iron to steel on the cloak Check out my videos on the new Dino Sets! Dinosaur Sets Showcase! - Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Eververse https://youtu.be/dww9EHqY4zI Dino Hunter Fashion! - Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Dinosaur Armor - https://youtu.be/v7luJA4Qx1Q The new seasonal pass ornaments for Season of the Lost! Meridian Constellation Sets Showcase! https://youtu.be/8FhLfuk3Xgw Season of the Lost eververse ornaments Showcase! (Namean sets) https://youtu.be/WaO758qzLyY How To Make A Blackout Hunter Set In Season 15! - Destiny 2 Fashion https://youtu.be/Evyz_tsloGo Here are some blackout and faceless fashion videos, How to make a Blackout Hunter Set: https://youtu.be/Kh8D5Kuj7ww Every Cloak That Works With The Faceless Hunter Look! - Destiny 2 Fashion: https://youtu.be/TsHF4cvxwAQ How to make a Blackout Titan Set: https://youtu.be/N8DjaWg0G68 How to make a Blackout Warlock Set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB5wiUTXQwM Music: HOME - Resonance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GW6sLrK40k'

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