'Vintage Clothing Haul from 1950s to 1990s & Fashion shoot Lookbook'

'Vintage Clothing Haul from 1950s to 1990s & Fashion shoot Lookbook'
19:00 Aug 4

'A vintage clothing haul video that spans from the 1950s, 60s, 70\'s 80\'s and 90\'s and includes quality pieces made from silk, sequins and fine cotton. LINKS TO CLOTHES SHOWN Blue April Cornell Shirt https://goo.gl/iCHT5e Pink Sequined top https://goo.gl/EmMfgC Green Beatnik top https://goo.gl/TKNRyn African Tribal Dress: https://goo.gl/uSWrD3 I let fashion stylist Jaia Talisman select pieces for her fashion shoot, that mixed with contemporary clothing as well as retro to create fresh new looks. Follow these amazingly talented, whom worked on the fashion shoot// Models Awar Hodiang https://www.instagram.com/awarodhiang Tia Remple https://www.instagram.com/tia.r_modeling/ represented by Mode Models https://www.instagram.com/modemodelscom/ Photographer Greg Gerla https://www.instagram.com/greg.gerla/ Stylist Jaia Talisman https://www.instagram.com/jaia.talisman.stylist/ Hair & MU Rola of Maison Blu https://www.instagram.com/Maison.Blu/?hl=en ____________________________________________________________________ I post videos about vintage clothing, vintage style, DYI, upcycling, vintage for the home, and so much more, every Tuesday and some Thursdays. Why not subscribe it’s absolutely free!! Oh…and hitting the like button won\'t hurt your finger, but it sure helps me… like a whole bunch! ____________________________________________________________________ Most of the video work on this post is done by House of Couchie\'s Resident Videographer Taylor Cullen https://bit.ly/2GIxMb6 The shakey bits of video at the end was by me. LOL ____________________________________________________________________ Follow House of Couchie: Facebook http://bit.ly/2sjHqtF Instagram http://bit.ly/2tmQHk8 Etsy http://etsy.me/2s48Zms'

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