'Fashion, what are you doing: pubic area wigs is a new trend now!'

'Fashion, what are you doing: pubic area wigs is a new trend now!'
01:04 Aug 2

'Follow Nexter for more: https://nexter.org/ Innovations have touched all areas of our lives, and fashion is not an exception. It has led to dramatic advancements such as the arrival of merkin, which is basically a wig for your pubic area. Fashion has become the trending opportunity for people, with every person inventing his/her own designs according to their tastes and preferences. This particular fashion design was presented at the New York’s fashion week 2018 and has provoked an outburst of various reactions. The line was inspired by the women living in the 15th century, and now it is considered high fashion to wear hair pieces on your private parts! The name of the designer who thought of this brilliant idea is Kaimin. He is proud of his vagina wig invention and assures that the main goal of the showcasing process was to show people that it is important to take pride in yourself and your body, as well as grasp and bring out your uniqueness. It is just another way to express yourself! Some people would fail to know how these pubic hair wigs are made. What you should understand is that they are made from people’s hair. They can be either from dead people or from living beings. Finally, they are colored in order to improve the level of attractiveness.'

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