'12Rewind: Prom Fashion Show; Laurel Highlands 1990'

'12Rewind: Prom Fashion Show; Laurel Highlands 1990'
03:02 Jul 29

'Video Yearbook - Laurel Highlands High School Class of 1990 Part 12: Prom Fashion Show Episode notes: The prom fashion show was a fundraiser as I recall. Some other clips may be from post prom decorating prep. General info: Being a photography geek in high school and having access to what today we consider crappy VHS video cameras and editing decks allowed me to put together little videos throughout my senior year. Strung together the whole work forms a kind of a \"video yearbook\" of sorts, though it didn\'t really start out with that in mind. So it\'s less complete than it could be. Some thought I should just be filming the senior class but I generally ignored that guideline and pretty much anyone was fair game; after all I had a lot of underclassmen friends anyway. 18 years later I found the master tape still played and thought I\'d better YouTube it for the rest of the class before it disintegrated forever.'

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