'Ashes to Crowns - \"First Light\" - [Fan Made Warframe Short Cinematic] - Preview'

'Ashes to Crowns - \"First Light\" - [Fan Made Warframe Short Cinematic] - Preview'
02:38 Jul 29

'[READ DESCRIPTION] Disclaimer: Inspired by Warframes Fashion Frame. Not based on Warframe lore. We do not own anything Warframe related. Warframe assets belongs to Digital Extremes. [PREVIEW] This story follows Andrea, the wife to a brave knight by the name of Paul. As time passes she witnesses the neighboring kingdoms fall into disarray during the Great War against the Wolf. She becomes conflicted and decides to not stand idly any longer. Follow her story to understand why she is labeled a hero to all of Kalidale. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrea was one of the first artists to work alongside the community at Digital Extremes. In 2013, she invited players to review her work on the \'Tenno Sniper Rifle\', known now as the Vectis. This was just the beginning – her journey continued with modelling and making the Warframe Arsenal a remarkable work of art. Her art will live on forever. The year of 2017, Digital Extremes introduced the Harmony Ribbon to the Warframe community to show support for those affected by Leukemia. The Harmony Ribbon is now available permanently for players for free in the Market with a new meaning: \'Forever in Loving Memory of Andrea, whose mind and heart will live on forever in her creations\'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This tribute was created by these amazing people. Kretduy LeCasual Caroline J. Gleave SukiMousy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching our preview, we look forward to completing this as tribute to Andrea. - AoD_Crown'

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