'How to Draw Fashion Croquis - Static Pose (Part 3)'

'How to Draw Fashion Croquis - Static Pose (Part 3)'
26:02 Jun 23

'Palomar College, San Marcos, California - Fashion Program This series of videos were made to teach my 1st semester students the basics for drawing the 10-heads Croquis Model (fashion industry standard). We will start by analyzing the 10-heads figure, discover the reasons why it\'s so tall and eventually how to make your own croquis totally from scratch. * Going through the complete \"Croquis\" series you will learn to make your own \"Walking\", \"Standing\" & \"Back-View\" pose for your future fashion designs! All the specs that I reference are from what I learned @ FIT in NYC and has been echoed by all the reputable fashion textbooks and teachers (see \"intro\" video). These are the correct spec\'s for when you will work in the industry and submit your artwork to any sample room around the world. * There are handouts included with my class, but if you are watching these video for your own training outside of the class, it is possible to complete the video series without the printed handouts. Have some blank paper ready, that is at least 14\" tall. Enjoy!'

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