'Why the Victorians etiquette about dresses is so ridiculous | Fashion history myth busting'

'Why the Victorians etiquette about dresses is so ridiculous | Fashion history myth busting'
14:44 Jun 15

'The Victorians etiquette was complicated, right? Victorian etiquette rules meant the wrong dress was social death? Let\'s bust some Victorian dress myths, see why we think the Victorians changed clothes 10 times a day, and talk about why Victorian era rules of etiquette seemed so riduculous. We think that a Victorian gown was only for one occasion : a ball gown, a tea gown, an opera gown, et c. Victorian etiquette rules for ladies did require different styles of Victorian clothing for different social events, but Victorian era rules about clothing were not as hard and fast as we think. I read more than one Victorian era etiquette guide to learn about Victorian social rules for what to wear, and discovered that this particular bit of weird Victorian history has been confused by confirmation bias! Turns out, a Victorian ball gown was not that different from any other kind of Victorian evening gown, and Victorian clothing could easily be worn for multiple kinds of social occasions. It\'s a combination of classism and modern misunderstanding that makes us think Victorian manners dictated how you could dress so strictly, and made us think the Victorians changed clothes so often. I hope this bit of Victorian dress history makes more sense now, and that we can consider these Victorian myths busted. This video is the first in my series on making an evening gown for a character from the Victorian novel Daniel Deronda. Subscribe and turn on notifications to see the rest of the dress-making process! Join my Patreon for behind-the-scenes updates, pattern diagrams, research lists, monthly video chats, and more! https://www.patreon.com/snappydragonstudios Or, you can buy me some Ko-Fi : https://ko-fi.com/snappydragon Follow me on IG for more stitchy business : @missSnappyDragon For business inquiries, send an e-mail to : SnappyDragonStitches at Gmail dot Com I do not take personal costume/sewing or research commissions. Want to send me letters? Send mail to PO Box 3884, Berkeley CA, 94703! Letters and cards only please

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