'The National Blind Fashion Show celebrates visually impaired women and their contribution to social'

'The National Blind Fashion Show celebrates visually impaired women and their contribution to social'
05:44 Jun 13

'(5 Oct 2016) VISUALLY-IMPAIRED WOMEN HIT THE RUNWAY DURING PARIS FASHION WEEK Visually-impaired women tackled stereotypes Wednesday (5 OCT. 2016) during the second Blind Fashion Show, taking place on the final day of Paris Fashion Week. The show is not on the official fashion week calendar. Last year\'s Blind Fashion Show was staged in New York, using visually impaired women from France, the U.S., and Mexico. The models all walked without a cane or a dog, and instead used a nylon line to guide them. Most were walking for the runway for the first - or second - time. \"It\'s really exciting because it\'s different than any other kind of modeling anybody else does. It\'s to prevent for the blind and to help them,\" said 12-year-old Savannah Lufriu, who walked in the show in its first and second year. She shares the same herditary eye disease as her mother who is a former Mrs World and Mrs America. The organizers, a nonprofit association called \"Give Them a Chance,\" have made it their mission to spread awareness of the visually impaired, to break down stereotypes and to celebrate diversity. Unlike all the other fashion shows in Paris this week, this one was not about fashion but rather the people wearing the clothes. \"I just think it\'s such a cool opportunity to show the world that there\'s so many different kinds of blindness,\" said Megan Mauney. \"I think so many people think you\'re - you can see or either you\'re in the dark. Um, but there\'s a lot of us that are somewhere in between. And we can really, you know, accomplish anything, do anything. And it\'s been a really awesome way to meet other blind women, which has been really cool.\" You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/2fd929fbb63d8fe740e494e707387254 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork'

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