'MMAM Fall Winter 2021 at Seoul Fashion Week'

'MMAM Fall Winter 2021 at Seoul Fashion Week'
02:09 Jun 10

'MAISON MAM ART MR.MOM A collection of wearable artware with graffiti drawings added to a classic silhouette that remains unchanged for a long time . Mom. As a brand that adds art to fathers who care for children , MMAM proposes contemporary artware with graffiti drawing elements added to a classic silhouette. Graffiti is not in the form of “Graffiti” but involuntarily scribbling graffiti, or “doodle” drawing, which pursues a silhouette close to minimalism based on modern classics. Maximalism is mixed and matched in the expression of doodle drawing to coexist. For all mothers and fathers in the world who have seen a child\'s first graffiti, MMAM, a brand that contains the philosophical value of family, is a doodle drawing expressed in the first visual language of a human being born through Doodle Drawing, the first visual language of a child. By reinterpreting the human instinct to desire play as a child, it develops clothes into canvases as art wear that can comfortably wear various expressions. For more on Seoul Fashion Week please visit http://www.pynck.com'

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