2019 Asia Model Festival "FACE of ASIA" Traditional Clothes Fashion Show

2019 Asia Model Festival "FACE of ASIA" Traditional Clothes Fashion Show
04:44 Feb 5, 2021
2019 Asia Model Festival "FACE of ASIA"  in cooperation with KOELCIA.   Over 30 countries participated in one of the most important fashion events - 2019 Asia Model Festival "FACE of ASIA".   Models from each country displayed national costumes and performances representing decals of every culture during “Traditional Clothes Fashion Show".   “Traditional Clothes Fashion Show" started with Korean national costumes "Hanbok". The distinctive feature of the costumes is long clothes and clear lines.  Traditionally, the hanbok is divided into several types depending on the social status, class and age of the person who wears it. The color of the hanbok is traditionally filled with deep symbolic meaning.  In Tajikistan, each region has its own national costume. By cut, it is about the same everywhere, but it is different in color, embroidery, and the presence of jewelry. Women traditionally cover their heads with a hat of three components: turbans, hats and headscarf. These elements can be used separately from each other.  Malaysian national costume is distinguished by hand-woven gorgeous fabrics and exquisite batik. At the show you can see the distinctive Malay blouses "Kebaya".  The national clothes of Kyrgyzstan are also characterized by many peculiar features typical of nomadic clothing. National clothes are also influenced by the climate of the highland country. This raises the need for various types of warm clothing, as well as the use of warm furs and animal bones.  In Mongolia, women have their own peculiarities in decoration. The most impressive is the headdress of women - "Khalkha". The main element of this dress is a special hairstyle that looks more like a horn.  Traditional Chinese Taipei clothing is an unusual combination of conservatism, minimalism, luxury and elegant sophistication. You can see the signs of modern fashion and original oriental style.   The main feature of the national costume of Macau is a bright yellow color. Yellow is the color of imperial power, fertility and ripening loaves. Also a feature of the costume is a heron.Heron is a symbol of the spring awakening of nature, the onset of joyful changes and well-being.  A distinctive feature of the national costume of Thailand is silk fabrics. At the show you could see silk "Chong kraben" is one of the parts of the national Thai costume, representing something between a skirt and pants. This type of clothing is worn by both women and men.   For more information : [email protected] ‪070-5051-9807‬ ‪070-5051-9804‬ ‪http://www.koelciausa.com‬ http://www.koelcia.com 

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