'Fashion Design Tech Packs #3: Specs and Grading'

'Fashion Design Tech Packs #3: Specs and Grading'
33:07 Jan 8

'WHERE I SELL TECH PACK TEMPLATES: https://shop.zoehong.com/collections/tech-pack-templates This is the third in the tech pack series, where we deep dive into measurements and pattern grading. Grading is where you make smaller and larger sizes of your clothes. I also review 3 books designed to help you in this process. BOOK INFO: The turquoise blue spiral bound book: COMPLETE GUIDE TO SIZE SPECIFICATION & TECHNICAL DESIGN by Paula J. Myers-McDevitt The green and black book: THE SPEC MANUAL by Michele Wesen Bryant & Diane DeMers The white book: THE VENDOR COMPLIANCE HANDBOOK by David Secul MENTIONED OR RELATED VIDEOS: GRADING DEMO VIDEO: https://youtu.be/oH6lnKWIXTk ALL TECH PACK VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwQq1-SdsNvYvqnyg1i1SQZ2B6jXsLmKq *** Come find me at https://zoehong.com/ Need help? I sell fashion figure templates, flats templates, tech pack templates and a lot more in my shop here: https://shop.zoehong.com/ https://www.instagram.com/zoehong/ https://www.pinterest.com/zoehong/ https://twitter.com/zoehong https://www.facebook.com/groups/920367461450543/ Come join our group, make friends, network with likeminded creatives! CONTACT: [email protected]'

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