'Dealing With the Stress of a Startup Fashion Line'

'Dealing With the Stress of a Startup Fashion Line'
01:26 Jan 6

'http://fashionbrainacademy.com/dealing-with-the-stress-of-a-startup-fashion-line/ I shot this simple video this morning on the way to a breakfast meeting with my web designer. (I’ve been doing these quickie selfie videos for my Facebook Page lately – whaddayathink?) I was driving by my old retail store space and popped out of the car to tape this and tell you about how NERVOUS and stressed I was when I first started my clothing line and opened my shop. Can you relate?? Head on over to the blog and answer my question about being a startup. Go here: http://fashionbrainacademy.com/dealing-with-the-stress-of-a-startup-fashion-line/'

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