'Topic 2 Clothes Learn to speak German'

'Topic 2 Clothes Learn to speak German'
07:07 Jan 6

'Buy the book: Amazon: http://amzn.com/B0149A05DI Copyright: Dominik Wexenberger Publisher: Dominik Wexenberger Like WANNATEACH!: https://www.facebook.com/Wannateach WANNATEACH! Learning while Reading This book is for everyone who is looking for an affordable book full of small texts, conversations und useful vocabulary in order to improve his or her German and make the language part of his or her daily life. Over the years I have written quite a big number of texts in order to improve my students\' learning experience and to help them advance and learn faster. I decided to make a collection of texts available to the public as an electronic book. The book starts at level 0 and gets more difficult with every topic. It can be seen as a German course as it has a didactic structure or it can be used to support students\' learning efforts. The aim of the book is to create a transition from 0 to a very advanced level of the German language in order to facilitate the further study with the help of novels or other types of literature as well as through other media. I tried to cover a wide range of different topics in order to provide a useful collection of vocabulary and grammar. I believe that there is a lack of useful texts and books, which guide and help the students to leave the simple levels behind and proceed to the more advanced levels. Additionally there are many educational books which a very expensive and I wanted to provide a more affordable alternative for students. Learn German, Improve German, German text book, Audiobook'

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