'Fashion Design for Kids Made Easy & Fun with a Kit'

'Fashion Design for Kids Made Easy & Fun with a Kit'
01:43 Jan 6

'Are your kids into fashion? You can use an activity kit to make introducing fashion design to kids easy and fun. Here\'s a quick video showing a Fashion Studio kit in action. This kit is by Faber-Castell\'s Creativity for Kids and has everything needed for children to start creating their own unique designs. For a full review of the kit and more photos of it in action, see our blog post on The Artful Parent: https://artfulparent.com/fashion-design-for-kids-made-easy-fun-with-kits/ More Info: The Fashion Studio kit is designed for kids to explore fashion design from sketching ideas, to coordinating fabrics with trim, to creating dresses and other clothing items on a small mannequin. It includes a sketchbook, markers, fabrics, ribbons, bows, pins, a mannequin, and more as well as some instructions and inspiration to get started. The kit says ages 9 to 99, and it was perfect for Daphne, who just turned 10, but I\'d also say that a child as young as 6 or 7 years old could have a lot of fun with this kit and be able to use it effectively. Pros:  Great selection of fabrics and trim! Perfect amount of everything to get started. Inspiring! Cons: Younger kids may want to use the kit to create doll clothes, which the kit is not strictly set up to do (we have some workarounds in our blog post). Daphne asked me to add that the scissors included in the kit were too small for a 9 to 99 year old person. Since most families have scissors around, I don\'t see that as a big problem, but rather something that most kits just seem to have in common. You can purchase the Fashion Studio kit here: https://www.fabercastell.com/collections/creativity-for-kids/products/designed-by-you-fashion-studio-1252000 A big thank you to Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids for sponsoring this video and the related blog post and for sending us the kits to try out and review.'

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