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'I\'m Buddy Jackson, Grandiose Idea-Guy, Artist, Creator Of The Secret #GitXome! App! As #Advertainment, I Create The Cover Songs And Music Videos For Marketing THIS™ Brand Name! So, Wouldn\'t You Like To Have Your Own Business? How About, In Your Own Town, And In Your Own Way? What? How? I Call Them MODS! What Are MODS? MODS, Are To-Be Self-Contained, Multi-Functional, Pop-Up Shop, #Ownvention\'s! MODS Are To-Be Portable, Innovative, Licensed, \"Retail Outlets\" That Are To Occupy All Vacant Or Abandoned Real Estate Buildings And Porking Lots! How Are MODS Used? 1. Each MOD Is An Individual, Stand-Alone, Retail Outlet, But Can-Be Circled-Up And Grouped-Together, Featuring Our #sitNseek! #GitXomeOnyu! Closed-Network Sales App! 2. Individual MODS Can-Be Equipped With Hydroponic Growing Beds That Are To-Be Self-Contained Organic Farming Systems! 3. Individual Temporary Overnight Capsule Housing MODS To-Be For Vacationers, Vagabonds, And Veterans! How Kindwill Works: 1. By Employing The Unemployable! 2. MODS, Will Be Manufactured Here In The United States Of America, By Collecting And Recycling PE Plastic #2! 3. Creative, U-P-C-Y-C-L-E-D Clothing & Accessory Donations Are To-Be Sold As THIS™ Brand Gift Clothing! 4. Licensing/Letting Portable Kind Will Businesses. 5. #ConexBoxes! #ConexOutlets! #MakeRetailFun! #NewRetailTheatre! #MakingRetailFun! Please Help Me To Develop MODS From Recycled Plastic By Reinventing Retail For All Vacant And Abandoned Real Estate Properties In Your Town! Because THIS™ #RetailAfterLife! #Startup Has Taken 11 Years Of Effort By Me Without Compensation, I\'m Reaching Out A Little Bit Further Asking For Your Help In Showing #Kindwill! #HustleStop! I\'m In The Process Of Developing A Company That Will #Giveback! But I Can\'t Do It Alone, Without Help, From You! So, Starting On My Birthday, January 25th, 2021, When I Turn 61 Years Old, I Will Begin Offering \"Partnerships\". #HurryStop! You\'re Invited To Invest In THIS™ By Purchasing An \"Expensive\" Pink Or Green Hat! #GitXomeOnyu! https://www.THIStm.com/pink https://www.THIStm.com/green Partnerships? The First 100 Buyers Of \"TWO\" Expensive Hats Will Be Known As \"The Kindwill Investors\". The Kindwill Investors Will Be Recognized By Name On Our Website(s) Within The \"Founders Circle\". The Founders Circle \"Members\" Will Benefit In-Time. Our Newsletter Will Be Emailed Once A Month As Progress Of #ThousandOaks #NewburyPark Kindwill Organization Develops, Buddy Jackson (213) LET-THIS https://www.giveback.international #Terribilicious! #Bafwaid! #Hippiemart! #Hippymart! #WudJaGitMe? #GiftBoxCard!'

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