'Be The Fashion Killa\''

'Be The Fashion Killa\''
01:09 Nov 27, 2021

'Watch in HD, please! Hey hey! I FINALLY managed to finish my \"fashion themed\" video and I am so happy I did finish It before I go to the sea side (for the second time yay)! I had many stuff in my head goin around (lol) for this video and wanted to do sth new and think of different ideas for each second, well I kinda failed but still, I worked very hard on it so I won\'t say \"how ugly and awful this is\", after all it is my energy and time putted in there! I tried to \"play\" with photoshop and changed some outfits or make up, you probably noticed so It was rlly fun doing this video!And since I am a huge fashion lover it was def Heaven whoop! Well tell me ur opinion guys, I would love to hear/read some feedbacks! If u have any questions, ask me on my ask account : www.ask.fm/gratsiella With love, Gratsi Disclaimer: I own nothing but the editing, all of the pictures, audio and videos belong to the right owners!'

Tags: fashion , gucci , killer , Rocky , beyonce , rihanna , editing , prada , heels , vuitton , louis , Weeknd , ASAP , TYGA , Lana , Del Rey , Louboutins (Composition) , gratzziella

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