'#NYFW EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Romeo Hunte + Fall Winter 2020 Runway – #NewYorkFashionWeek #ROMEOHUNTE'

'#NYFW EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Romeo Hunte + Fall Winter 2020 Runway – #NewYorkFashionWeek #ROMEOHUNTE'
01:55 Nov 25

'#NYFW EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Romeo Hunte + Fall Winter 2020 Runway – #NewYorkFashionWeek #ROMEOHUNTE http://fashionweek.pro/2020/02/15/exclusive-interview-with-romeo-hunte-romeo-hunte-fw20-collection-fall-winter-2020-runway-new-york-fashion-week/ Q. FashionWeek.Pro: Tell us about your inspiration behind the show and the collection. ROMEO HUNTE - “So this was all about sustainability and partnering with Tommy Hilfiger. Kind of going into his archives and just playing with- like-kind of reminds of when I first started and I used to take my mother’s pieces and tweak them. I went into his archives and explored a lot of great classic lifestyle wear. From the denim jacket to the trench coat to your biker jacket to just everyday pieces. I think of pieces that you wear in your everyday lifestyle in New York. And then kind of take that fantasy and bring it into Aspen for skiing. So it was very edgy, it was cool and fresh and then also it was very much unexpected. So those things I’m very proud of and happy and the collection.. everyone loved it.” Q. FashionWeek.Pro: Is there any message that you were trying to convey through the brands DNA? ROMEO HUNTE - “This season the collection was called the “underdog” so what I mean by the underdog is kind of like now I feel like NYFW is turning into a lot of the designers are shying away and heading off-seas and designing there. And I really want to push the needle for it and actually you know celebrate fashion here where - I was born and raised in Brooklyn - and also it’s kind of like taking my culture and putting it on the runway in a very high-end tasteful way. That\'s just what it’s all about this season and also you know focusing on sustainability and to appreciate great sustainable pieces and the quality.” Runway, Backstage & Behind the Scenes ROMEO HUNTE videos: https://youtu.be/fvH2J4acA5M https://youtu.be/sMwHF-zkqvg https://youtu.be/m8MxTNKMpoI https://youtu.be/-bZgVk5nnPc https://youtu.be/XQa8Lkr-XeA https://youtu.be/9_29RICjwnA https://youtu.be/rbiO8VKC_QM https://youtu.be/WUclFJVUM4o https://youtu.be/I6wBaSLxdc0 https://youtu.be/auhAT6a1X10 https://youtu.be/qO2uxLkC3wo https://youtu.be/APYJYOiPDMY https://youtu.be/wD7Vs1SKmP4 https://youtu.be/FAmc9BICU6U https://youtu.be/SrUfJNhQOMI https://youtu.be/jRq4TxA2B3U https://youtu.be/Mg9N_Faz5yU https://youtu.be/EXjZGDcWk8k https://youtu.be/VJV6PglAJDw https://youtu.be/gvGLwk9g0E0 https://youtu.be/Io08lDiq5XI https://youtu.be/VtzI0Zs91Sc https://youtu.be/CObzvSAKqo4 https://youtu.be/OigVi5T7S8c https://youtu.be/oLXoCrMQHhA https://youtu.be/9A6p_Mr032w https://youtu.be/NB1SQULAqB4 https://youtu.be/XBUwzGO80lg https://youtu.be/ZL5Idm3yBkY https://youtu.be/4ClwJhsMSkY https://youtu.be/Ejy-zM9RZQg https://youtu.be/hSIehaP88Ng https://youtu.be/ayJGWxO2QHA https://youtu.be/70MX_jcFY2I https://youtu.be/JKFae0ko7sQ https://youtu.be/or6C1knsfos https://youtu.be/eTQfYvUvv7Y https://youtu.be/wwbJVoswP4U https://youtu.be/zyXFBbWbH_U https://youtu.be/Q1Zhm1xIwlI https://youtu.be/Bz0oXSZX7zQ https://youtu.be/Zz1MoT_6W4k https://youtu.be/ng_M8uTJTIM https://youtu.be/e-s3UQ-TxGE https://youtu.be/qucVzjkA1lA https://youtu.be/QmqFOvwmevo https://youtu.be/wKQk8CKsRqs https://youtu.be/frBBSfL6tJU https://youtu.be/pMQT8ISOacA https://youtu.be/QIvC0oglpYk https://youtu.be/xruR0xi2m_g https://youtu.be/sauzMypb8YI https://youtu.be/tCnxynKI6sA https://youtu.be/2vReOZ0-1CQ https://youtu.be/8Y6U2YIOntQ https://youtu.be/PTtX46thZ9s https://youtu.be/J3nqXO4tu4U https://youtu.be/mafuC28-7KA https://youtu.be/19b6nx-bYjo https://youtu.be/Ba8NK7gCYk8 https://youtu.be/fnP0Gw8fM7U https://youtu.be/a0VgB4QxFEw https://youtu.be/J5HnBtzAW6M https://youtu.be/1pmTodG4PME https://youtu.be/l1jn6CF8ODI https://youtu.be/zDwSWPLat3s https://youtu.be/8h9yWD6E3oE https://youtu.be/QYfkSOTF3N4 https://youtu.be/ji8mBjGpHiU https://youtu.be/D5rSt4HEV9s https://youtu.be/o05wRk5tKII https://youtu.be/Rqrkpygj62A https://youtu.be/Oc-u8926Czk https://youtu.be/m3LXSQeoq10 https://youtu.be/QKSYFXLjIqM READ ON GOOGLE NEWS: https://news.google.com/s/CBIwzcHVxzw SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/FashionWeekPro'

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