'Inbal Dror Bridal 2019 Fashion Show'

'Inbal Dror Bridal 2019 Fashion Show'
14:31 Nov 24

'The tsunami that swept New York away Inbal Dror presented the 2019 collection of her wedding dresses at Fashion Week of New York. The collection includes 22 strong robes that have one common basis - elements of nature. The main line in this collection is inspired by the water world, Inbal plays with transparent games, liquid textures and treasures from the depths of the sea. Combined with innovative and original fabrics and techniques. Elegant, soft and romantic, sexy and sophisticated with a wink to the worlds of couture lingerie, endless sleeves and unique fabric cut that simulates the movement of the waves. She replaced the traditional bouquet of flowers with the majestic tiara of Perls by the Wolf Foundation talent. Another inspiration that ideally accompanies the collection is celestial elements - tiny, sparkling stones resembling nights of starry stars, embroidery of Eastern cultural symbols associated with the world of astrology, combined with ethnic and humorous touch such as non-conventional pockets and gravel. Quiet waters penetrate deeply - just as the inspiration of the collection, bold and exciting elements swept the attention of all visitors in the fashion week. Join us in the front row!'

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