Model recruiter promotes anorexia awareness with photo shoot

Model recruiter promotes anorexia awareness with photo shoot
02:48 Jan 13

(24 Nov 2009) 1. Wide of Adi Barkan, model agent and fashion photographer, shooting photos for campaign to raise awareness of anorexia 2. Various of model posing for camera 3. Close-up of slogan on campaign poster shown on computer screen, reading (English) "Dying to look like her", zoom out to show whole screen with photograph of anorexic girl next to model, with strapline reading (English) "The thin difference between life and death" 4. Pan across computer screens showing campaign posters 5. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) Adi Barkan, model agent and fashion photographer: "We are shooting a campaign today to raise awareness and show the true connection between the social model built over the last 15 years to the sad reality of eating disorders - the direct connection between TV, the media and the model world, to hundreds of thousands of girls who only wish to see their bones sticking out." 6. Barkan sitting next to anorexia sufferer Aya Barazani 7. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) Aya Barazani, anorexia sufferer: "A girl today is standing in front of the mirror and looking for her collar bones, her pelvis bones and her ribs. She is lifting her shirt and looking for the ribs, the lines of the ribs, because models have them." 8. Barazani sitting in wheelchair next to Barkam 9. Pan from Barazani to two models participating in the campaign 10. Barzani sitting next to model, UPSOUND: (Hebrew) Aya Barazani, anorexia sufferer: "I am hungry, I've been hungry for twelve years. Today I am in a condition where I can't put anything in my mouth. I eat cheese and rice or cheese and dry bread" 11. Zoom out from model wiping away Barazani's tears, UPSOUND: (Hebrew) Aya Barazani, anorexia sufferer: "Today, I know no one is worth it; then, I did not know." 12. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) Adi Barkan, model agent and fashion photographer: "The law we want to pass in the Knesset is a law that will forbid commercial companies from hiring models who have a BMI value that shows malnutrition. Every girl that appears in a commercial campaign or a TV series with her bones sticking out is sending thousands more girls to the toilet and this need to be stopped, now." 13. Wide of model Shira Amikam stepping on Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement device 14. Close-up of Amikam on device, UPSOUND (English), Machine recording: "Measuring your weight, measuring your height" 15. SOUNDBITE: (Hebrew) Shira Amikam, model participating in campaign: "I am participating in this to show you can do it differently. You can be healthy and in balance and still be a model without starving yourself." 16. Barazani speaking to model 17. Barkan taking photographs of model STORYLINE: An Israeli fashion photographer and model agent is stepping up his campaign against the fashion industry's use of ultra-thin models. Adi Barkan, who has worked in the fashion business for some three decades, is critical of the pressure put on models to be thin and has been campaigning for years for industry standards that ban the use of models suffering from malnutrition. Barkan has called for the use of the Body Mass Index (BMI), an internationally recognised measure of a person's weight in relation to their height, to screen for healthy models. In the coming days he is set to release a campaign featuring three contrasting models; one healthy girl, one girl with a below healthy BMI value and one anorexic girl. The anorexic girl is seen in the campaign poster next to the thin model and the slogan reads: "She is dying to look like her". 26-year-old anorexia sufferer Aya Barazani - who is participating in the campaign - has suffered from the disease for 12 years and at her lowest point weighed a mere 25 kilogrammes. She said it started from a desire to look like models in magazines. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

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