'PARIS STREET STYLE #2 | Paris Fashion week (French/English subs)'

'PARIS STREET STYLE #2 | Paris Fashion week (French/English subs)'
08:43 Nov 6, 2021

'It’s Paris fashion week y’all and I am SO excited to bring you the second video in my Paris Street Style series! Normally it would be “how parisians actually dress”, but as you can see, I interviewed people from all over, with all different kind of aesthetics here especially for Men/womens PWF2019. I really love doing this series (which is always in French with English subtitles or vice versa) because I love self expression and seeing all of the different, colorful outfit ideas. From edgy and grunge, japanese/rock inspired looks to minimalistic scandinavian style and classic French chic, I feel like this video had a really wide range of artsy Fashion trends and looks to inspire you! I think it’s also really cool that both teens/highschooler students and older people can come together around Fashion week and their appreciation for this art form. It’s also pretty inspiring to me that while some dressed in ‘high fashion’ luxury like balenciaga and dior, others looked just as cool in thrifted/vintage 80s and 90s clothes and minimalism. Some of the brands/places people shopped and mentioned in this video were: Thrifting around Paris, Pull and Bear, Balenciaga, Scandinavian brands like Whyred and acne, as well as fast fashion brands such as zara and h&m. Personally I hope to do more lookbook type videos and interviews with people around paris so please let me know if you enjoy them! Also pleasebe sure to subscribe for more content in French/English. I also do vlogs around France and art school. My socials: Follow me on instagram here: @_purple_palace My art portfolio/buy prints: www.shaynaKlee.com/shop Blog: www.witchyparis.com Instagrams of people I interviewed listed at this place in the video: 8:06 Thanks for watching!'

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