New Streetwear Brand 2018 | Basketball Skateboards (Vintage 90s Inspired)

New Streetwear Brand 2018 | Basketball Skateboards (Vintage 90s Inspired)
10:18 Sep 4

New Streetwear Brand in 2018/2019 by Heron Preston and Jacuzzi called Basketball Skateboards. A very vintage 90s style inspired clothing brand. The brand comes together by a mixture of the two sport cultures, and is now available at Pacsun. My Website CLICK HERE: Follow My Social Medias Instagram Snapchat-j_grun32 Depop: In this video I’m going to be showing you a new streetwear brand developed by Heron Preston and a young creative by the name of Jacuzzi. They have these similar backgrounds coming from basketball and skateboarding, and decided to come together and collab on a project. Jacuzzi may be a new face, but coming from a well credited start, he modeled for Kanye West’s Yeezy Show. Jacuzzi has a bit of a power house background and still continues to build on his name as an individual. Though you may not have known his name, he definitely stands out with appearance. Heron Preston spoke with him backstage at one of the adidas yeezy season shows, and was able to help guide. This brand become a product of 90s style basketball and skateboarding. Two very influential cultures when it comes to streetwear. Hope you enjoy the video, if you did, make sure to leave a THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Clothing Links Shop Full Collection Here: Basketball Skateboards L/S Yellow Mesh Shorts Broke Off Shirt Chino Pants Ballerina Hoodie Ballerina T-Shirt Flaming Basketball Hat Music Lakey Inspired-Monroe

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