'Barbie A Fashion Fairytale - Life Is A Fairytale (One Line Multilanguage)'

'Barbie A Fashion Fairytale - Life Is A Fairytale (One Line Multilanguage)'
04:21 Oct 24, 2021

'Here\'s a one-line multilanguage of one of the catchiest and brightest songs in the history of Barbie songs; \'Life Is A Fairytale\' from \'Barbie A Fashion Fairytale\'. My first idea was to make a full multilanguage for this song, since I really like it; but the quality of all the audio clips was differing a lot...so I chose to put them up as a one line multilanguage only. ;) There are 19 languages displayed in the video; however, to my information there are three more versions that may exist; Danish, Norwegian & Icelandic. If any of you have it, upload it to YouTube & I would mention them here in the description. Languages (& Singers) English (Original): Tiffany Giardina Bulgarian: Vesela Boneva Czech: Dutch: Laura Vlasblom Finnish: Sanna Majuri (background vocals by Katja Aakkula) French: Bénédicte Lecroart German: Greek: Ivi Adamou Hungarian: Vágó Bernadett Italian: Mandarin: Polish: Joanna Koroniewska Portuguese (Brazilian): Portuguese: Catarina Pereira Russian: Spanish: Paloma Blanco Spanish (Latin American): Paola Mingúer (background vocals by Alma Delia Pérez & Maggie Vera) Swedish: Turkish: #FUN FACT: There are four singers here who are already popular as dubbing artists of Disney Princesses. (Dutch singer has voiced Ariel & Jasmine, Bulgarian singer has voiced Ariel & Anna [from Frozen]; Hungarian singer has voiced Tiana from \'Princess & The Frog\' & Anna; while the French singer has voiced Belle!) PS: Special thanks to fellow YouTuber \'BarbieSongss\' for sending me a few versions. :) Hope you enjoy!'

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