'Fashion Designer - How to become a Fashion Designer - Courses, Process, Career Prospects and Salary'

'Fashion Designer - How to become a Fashion Designer - Courses, Process, Career Prospects and Salary'
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'Fashion designing is the art of application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. Fashion designing is not just limited to knitting clothes! It includes making sketches, creating a design, plan and create clothes, accessories and ornaments and the person who is an expert is doing these tasks is known as a Fashion Designer. Fashion designers carry out research on fashion trends. They give attention to the latest trends and cater to the needs of their audience What are the important tasks of a fashion designer? Although Tasks depend on the market the designer is working for, but the core responsibilities of a fashion designer include: • Research on latest fashion trends relating to fabrics, colours and shape. • Research on consumer behaviour • Designing, sketching and planning • Tailoring • Merchandising and • Creating or visualizing an idea What are the qualities required to become a fashion designer? A fashion designer should have a quality of leadership as a fashion designer has a team to lead which includes professionals like a technical designer, pattern maker, tailor, textile designer, illustrator and dressmaker. Apart from this quality required to thrive in this field, the fashion designer must be • Creativity, have Sound technical knowledge of textile designing and garments etc. with • Good tailoring and drawing skills and above all a Keen interest in the latest fashion trends and Good business acumen along with Networking skills. How to become a fashion designer? To become a fashion designer you have to follow some steps: Step 1: Choose a relevant fashion designing course In India, fashion designing courses are available in three main formats. There are Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses. So, the first step is to choose a relevant fashion designing course. Some of the best degree and diploma for fashion designing are: • Bachelor of Fashion Technology • Bachelor of Fashion Design • Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Fashion Design • Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Textile Design • Diploma in Fashion Technology • Diploma in Fashion Design • Diploma in Jewellery Design • Diploma in Fashion Photography and • Diploma in Retail Merchandising and more Step 2: Satisfy the eligibility criteria Each course has its own eligibility criteria. To get admission, you must be academically eligible to pursue that particular course. 10+2 passed is the eligibility criteria in cases of some of the courses mentioned above. Eligibility criteria may vary from one course to another. Step 3: Secure Admission Candidates allotted seats on the basis of the marks scored by them in the relevant entrance test/board exam or combination of both. Some of the relevant entrance tests that you have to crack before the admission are: • NIFT entrance exam (National Institute of Fashion Technology entrance exam) • NID entrance exam (National Institute of Design entrance exam) • CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design) Step 4: complete the academic program Fashion designing courses are a great mixture of classroom lectures and practical sessions. As practical training provides an opportunity for students to acquire on the job work experience of a professional nature. In an academic program, candidates learn the skill of profession while working with an established practising Fashion Designer and also works as an Industrial trainee for about one year or so with a fashion house. What are the career prospects of a fashion designer? There is a wide scope of Fashion Design in India as well as abroad. Students have innumerable choices in front of them after completing their professional studies in Fashion Design. The fashion designers have various options including designing, research, cloth production, textile designing, etc. Entrepreneurship is also an excellent opportunity available in front of fashion designers. They may work as an independent fashion designer, consultant, dressmaker or retailer. Which are the prime recruiters for a Fashion designer? Some of the prime recruiters of fashion designers are • Apparel manufacturing firms • Clothing manufacturing firms • Fashion retailers • Government handloom departments and • TV and Film production houses How much salary can a fashion designer get? In spite of a lot of scopes, there is cut-throat competition in this field of fashion designing yet for hard working and dedicated young professional there is no dearth of work in the fashion designing field. A Fashion Designer earns an average salary of Rs.3,00,000 per year. Actually, it depends upon the assignment taken by the designer and the fashion house with which one is working. And if working independently then there is no limit of his earning it may be from a few thousands a month and can be lakhs, to say the least. It all depends upon the capabilities and marketing skills of the fashion designer. #fashiondesigner #howtobecomefashiondesigner #targetstudy'

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