'FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Evil Twin with Raja and Raven'

'FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: Evil Twin with Raja and Raven'
09:10 Aug 12, 2021
'Is Drag Race available in your country? Watch on WOW Presents Plus, click this link: https://help.wow-presents.com/article/132-rupauls-drag-race-season-10  Enjoy the video? Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1fkX0CV Uncensored version (& extra content) on WOW Presents Plus: http://www.wow-presents.com/?utm_source=WOW%20Presents&utm_medium=Youtube&utm_campaign=WOWPP  Raja & Raven critique the looks for Season 10 Episode 11!  MOVING DAYS! New episodes of Fashion Photo RuView every Friday on WOW Presents Plus!  Watch Season 10 on Vh1, every Thursday night.  \"Snapshot\" available on iTunes:  http://apple.co/2lkfO49  Producers: Pete Williams Alex Liley-Roth Thairin Smothers Sutan Amrull' 

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