'RuPaul\'s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven: Season 5 Episode 4'

'RuPaul\'s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven: Season 5 Episode 4'
11:33 Aug 10, 2021
'Enjoy the video? Subscribe here!  http://bit.ly/1fkX0CV  Get a Toot or Boot Bag: https://squareup.com/market/worldofwonder/toot-or-boot-bag  Watch RuPaul\'s Drag Race Season 5 Episode 4 on Logo: http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls-drag-race-ruvealed/rupauls-drag-race-season-5-ruvealed-episode-4-black-swan-why-it-gotta-be-black/1738872/playlist/#id=1738872  In this episode of RuPaul\'s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView, Raja and Raven critique the runway looks from episode 4 of season 5. New episodes every Wednesdays on WOWPresents and don\'t miss RuPaul\'s Drag Race Season 5 RuVealed Sunday nights at 8PM on Logo!   Will they TOOT or BOOT the Queens\' best drag looks? Who will win Top Toot of the week? Watch now and find out!   Follow Raja on Twitter: @sutanamrull  Follow Raven on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1OFmFNW  Producers: Pete Williams Blake Jacobs Thairin Smothers  Read More at: http://worldofwonder.net/   Follow World of Wonder on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1dM5ZvS  Follow World of Wonder on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1kFOupm  Follow World of Wonder on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1orXheO  Who is World of Wonder?   World of Wonder, the producers of RuPaul\'s Drag Race, Million Dollar Listing, and I Am Britney Jean, brings you, Alyssa\'s Secret, RuPaul Drives, James St James\' Transformations, Ring My Bell, and so much more.' 

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