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Deity Color Change Shampoo Black 25ml X 6 bags: I ONLY USED ONE PACK!!! Turns your white/gray hair into black in 5-10 minutes. This product uses Tibet herbs, Tibet ginseng, Tibet red flower, Leaves of Chinese arborvitae and several herbal plants to make this great natural hair color shampoo. This product promotes the cells of hair follicles to re-grow healthy and strong, cleans obstruction of hair follicles for fast growth and easy coloring, increases blood circulation of scalp and controls secretion of hair oils. This new Color Change Shampoo breakthrough will not color or stain your scalp. It moisturizes, grows and strengthens hair naturally. Deity Plant Conditioner For Hair Loss 8 oz The product was synthesized painstakingly through the high emulsi-fication with the active essential ingredients refined from various rare Tibetan medicated herbs by introducing the modern the up-to-date extracting technology. Because of various botanical ingredients contained in the product, and has mild quality, and can effectively remove all kinds of secretions and dirt on scalp, and thoroughly purify the outside environment for hair growth, and can rapidly penetrate into the inner layer of scalp and provide multiple nutrients and trace elements for hair growth, it can be treated from inside to outside, so the hair-nourishing and haircare functions are conspicuous. The product is especially suitable for withered, yellow, dry, tangled hair and the hair damaged by bleaching, coloring, perming and straightening. It can make your hair healthy, jet-black, lustrous and full of more elasticity. Deity Deep Penetrating Conditioner 17.6oz delivers an incredible penetrating reconstruction treatment. Deity America Deep Penetrating Conditioner penetrates deep into damage hair with natural plant extracts and with a protein-injected formula to help rescue and restore strength, elasticity, shine and condition split ends and breakage. Features: • Restore dry brittle hair • Mends split ends • Stops breakage • Adds body shine • Adds moisture • Strengths hair. Deity Leave In Hydrating & Repairing Scalp Treatment 16oz Deity America has formulated this new Hydrating Leave-In-Repairing Shea Butter Scalp treatment for healthy Scalp & Hair. Our Hydrating formula will repair your scalp & hair due to over processing, Harmful chemicals and heat. This treatment is made with Natures finest authentic Tibetan plant extracts, Asian herbs, Shea Butter and botanical ingredients. Directions: Use daily on wet or dry hair, natural or curly hair, braids, twists and locs, dreads and hair extensions. Works Great with all hair types and textures. Apply a generous amount to Scalp first then brush through evenly. TWITTER: @MeekFro IG: @MYKELTRENT & @MEEKFRO THANKS FOR WATCHING";") GOD BLESS! XO

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