I emailed MORE brands asking where their clothes are made

I emailed MORE brands asking where their clothes are made
22:36 Oct 19, 2020

Last year I emailed several alternative fashion brands asking them about their ethics and sustainability policies. This year I'm at it again! I emailed ten brands, focusing on labels popular with the kawaii and j-fashion scene, and asked them the very same thing. These are the responses I received. DISCLAIMER - Brands are under virtually no obligation to be honest with you and literally any of the things said in these emails could easily be gross misrepresentations or even outright lies. The same goes for with anything stated in a branded ad. What gets stated in a brand email is NOT a genuine representation of any brand and should not be taken as such. These videos are meant for entertainment and for spreading awareness of issues - not for praising or scorning any particular brand. Sweat shop labor is one part of a very big and broken system. Music: Cola Flavored by Public Pool - https://youth.be/24D9igFNmpQ Intro music by purple-planet Thanks for watching! ________________________ Instagram: @the_stitchess Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SoftSugarCrafts Business Inquires: www. softestsugars @gmail.com ________________________ This video has not been sponsored. ________________________ ✨

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