Black-Owned Lolita Fashion Brands

Black-Owned Lolita Fashion Brands
14:21 Oct 18

Black Lives Matter - Black Emotional And Mental Health Collective (BEAM) - This video was inspired by ----------------------------------------­--- Please Support Afro-Latina Creator Marinakei Youtube - Kawaii Black History Month Playlist - Instagram - Facebook - ----------------------------------------­--- Stephano (@buttcape) Black Owned Businesses Post ----------------------------------------­--- Brands in this video in order of appearance: Empire Noir Shop - Instagram - Facebook - Mossbadger Shop - Instagram - Patreon - e.l.e.g.y Shop - Instagram - Facebook - Lilith et Adalia Shop - Instagram - Facebook - Kyoko's closet by Ichigo Black Shop - Instagram - meowsasmagicalworld Shop - Instagram - Sugar Trampoline Shop - Instagram - Facebook - Dollbe Shop - Instagram - ----------------------------------------­--- All of the ad revenue from this video will be donated to Black Lives Matter. Youtube will not let me auto-donate by making this video a fundraiser because I don’t have 100k subscribers. Instead, I am going to manually donate the earnings once the video cycle has reached its peak which should be around the end of July. I’m going to leave monetization on until the end of August and donate the remainder then and then turn monetization off for this video as the cycle of it will only be making a few cents to a few dollars a month and would be too much to keep track off. All profit made from this video will be donated to BLM. I will make an accountability post on twitter showing a screenshot of the earnings and at the donation for it. When I do this, I will also update a pinned comment. I should be able to do this by July 25th 2020 and then again August 25, 2020 Twitter - ----------------------------------------­--- C O N T A C T For video ideas, submissions or topic requests [email protected] For Business Inquiries & Collaborations: [email protected]

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