sustainable & ethical fashion brands you should know | inspiroue

sustainable & ethical fashion brands you should know | inspiroue
19:40 Oct 18

Sharing 18 sustainability-minded brands I love, that I think are doing good and deserve to be supported! From small bipoc-owned to woman-owned and size inclusive, these brands are committed to ethical labour and responsible production. Open for links: IG: BRAND LIST (keeping this updated): How to assess a brand's sustainability (checklist): TIMESTAMPS 00:00 INTRO 00:18 How to assess a brand's sustainability & checklist 00:40 Most sustainable pieces are the ones we own 01:15 Try to thrift first 01:30 Sustainability fashion is privileged 02:33 SHOES Thousand Fell White Sneakers*: Brave Soles Linda Sandal*: Brother Vellies (Especially love the boots, mules and sandals): 05:37 FINE JEWELRY Amarilo: Haatichai: 07:11 ACTIVEWEAR Girlfriend*: Organic basics**: 08:09 CLOTHING New Classics: Bellantoni Designs*: Mary Young: Elia Vintage: Cold Laundry: Come Back As A Flower: Shop Wayre: Two Days Off: 15:58 SKINCARE Briogeo: Biossance: 18:33 FINAL THOUGHTS Size inclusive sustainable brands list: Black owned brands: 180+ black owned brands and designers: Canadian black owned biz and creators: WHAT I'M WEARING Top: I thrifted this blue silk blouse so soo long ago (I think it's from goodwill!). It's so gorgeous hehe Earrings: By Wolf Circus (Vancouver based and woman owned, made of recycled brass) ______________ This is not an extensive list. There are a ton of small biz out there trying to offer sustainable/ethical goods and I highly recommend doing your research and keeping your eye out! Not sponsored. Affiliate codes are noted with two stars. Items that were gifted to me over the years are starred (I only accept products I think will elevate my wardrobe and that align with my style). Hope this helps!! x #sustainablefashion #consciousconsumption

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