Sustainable or Greenwashing? How to Evaluate Fashion Brands

Sustainable or Greenwashing? How to Evaluate Fashion Brands
12:36 5d ago

Sustainability is a marketing tool, and not every fashion company lives up to the claims it makes. Here's how to tell whether a brand is ethical, or greenwashing. These are the 7 steps I recommend when researching a fashion brand. TIMESTAMPS: 0:27 - What is ethical and sustainable fashion? 2:00 - What is greenwashing? 2:17 - How to research a company's sustainability & ethics, and spot greenwashing - 2:27 - 1. Look them up on Good On You. - 3:35 - 2. Check the company's website (includes greenwashing red flags, plus what you'd find on a website of a company that's actually ethical). - 7:22 - 3. Look for 3rd party certifications. - 8:53 - 4. Evaluate their social media & marketing campaigns. - 9:34 - 5. Check recent news related to the company - 10:14 - 6. Read product reviews. - 10:45 - 7. Contact the company directly. 11:39 - Final thoughts! RESOURCES MENTIONED: Good On You: My blog post version of this video, with descriptions of the certifications and an email template to brands: Is Everlane *Actually* Ethical or Sustainable?: Sustainable Fashion Newsletter: #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #greenwashing

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