Style #13: “American Women” - Fashion, Beauty & Models by Film&Clips

Style #13: “American Women” - Fashion, Beauty & Models by Film&Clips
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Style #13: “American Women” - Fashion, Beauty & Models by Film&Clips ISCRIVITI ORA A FILM&CLIPS: """"Fashion, Beauty & Models"""" è la nuova playlist di Film&Clips interamente dedicata alla Moda. Ogni venerdì, tantissimi contenuti nuovi con centinaia di modelle, designer, sfilate e celebrità! Playlist """"Fashion, Beauty & Models"""": In this issue of Videofashion Style, we celebrate stateside style with American females who have made an everlasting impression on the industry. First, visit New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for the star-studded opening of the “American Woman” exhibit! Cindy Crawford shares her secrets to success, and, lasting beauty. The epitome of ageless, eccentric style, Iris Apfel proves why she’s one of a kind! Find out why Donna Karan is the pride of red-white-and-blue fashion, then go back in time with the groundbreaking African-American models—including Pat Cleveland and Alva Chinn—who changed the industry forever! Plus, the definition of stateside sexy—the Victoria’s Secret Angels! Il più bel canale di cinema gratuito e legale di Youtube! The best FREE & LEGAL Youtube Channel: movies, clips, docs, short movies from all around the world - italian, english, spanish, french, deutsch, and other subtitles available! Iscriviti a Film&Clips: Facebook: Twitter: App: Tutte le playlist: Film&Clips Movie Clips Collection: Film&Clips Original Trailers: Film&Clips English: Film&Clips Film in Italiano Completi: Film&Clips Interviste & Backstage: Film&Clips - Français: Film&Clips - Español: Film&Clips - Deutsch: Film&Clips - Japanese: Film&Clips Fashion: Download our App here: Film&Clips offers a wide selection of FREE & LEGAL movie content on Youtube: full movies, clips, documentaries, short movies, trailers from all around the world in different languages and subtitles. Don't miss our vast array of genres: horror, adventure, drama, comedy, cult and b-movies, spaghetti western, Italian cult movies all free in streaming on our channel.

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