'BSPi Star Awards - Best Fashion show winner August 2016'

'BSPi Star Awards - Best Fashion show winner August 2016'
05:11 Mar 31
'We are so excited to share with you our winning entries to to the 2017 Bridal Show Producers International Conference. Official Press release below. Find out more about Bridal Spectacular shows at Http://www.bridalspectacular.com  BSPi is an international association of bridal show producers who come together each year to share ideas and learn from each other so as to enhance the quality of bridal shows for both exhibitors and brides. This year, our conference was held in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. As part of our annual conference, we share in an awards night banquet to recognize the work and talent found within our group of show producers. To be recognized at an international level is quite an honour. Star Awards entries are judged by multiple judges in (at least) four markets that include East, West and Central USA, as well as Canada, making the process as well rounded and fair as possible.  The Stars of 2017 were as follows:  Bride Marketing & Advertising  Bridal Spectacular (Las Vegas, NV)  Exhibitor Marketing & Advertising  Bridal Fantasy (Edmonton, AB)  Digital Marketing & Advertising  Bridal Fantasy (Edmonton, AB)  TV Advertising  Forever Bridal Productions (Raleigh, NC)  Radio Advertising  Bridal Fantasy (Edmonton, AB)  Website Forever Bridal Productions (Raleigh, NC)  Image & Branding  The Bridal Group (Calgary, AB)  Supernova  Bridal Fantasy (Edmonton, AB)  Show Décor  The Bridal Group (Calgary, AB)  Fashion Show $10,000-$20,000  Bridal Fantasy (Edmonton, AB)  Fashion Show $20,000  Bridal Spectacular (Las Vegas, NV)  Gold Standard Bridal Spectacular (Las Vegas, NV)' 

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