06:36 Oct 13

Conspicuous consumption has become a huge issue in the alternative fashion community in the past decade. This has especially arisen into the kawaii fashion community. In this video I explain what conspicuous consumption is and how it can affect our shopping habits. It's important to understand why we want our clothing - just as much as it is important to know how to clean or coordinate them. If you are trying to reduce your shopping, understanding how consumerism works can give you insight into why you are attracted to certain brands or styles (and perhaps help you say no to more unnecessary purchases). Music: Cola Flavored by Public Pool - https://youth.be/24D9igFNmpQ Intro music by purple-planet Thanks for watching! ________________________ Instagram: @the_stitchess Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SoftSugarCrafts Business Inquires: www. softestsugars @gmail.com ________________________ This video has not been sponsored. ________________________ ✨

Tags: goth , vintage style , vintage fashion , sustainable fashion , grunge , punk , ethical fashion , kawaii , alternative fashion , fast fashion , kawaii fashion , sustainable alternative fashion , kawaii community , alternative fashion community , fairy kei , kawaii style , conspicuous consumption , fashion and consumerism , alternative fashion for sustainability

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