10 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Support Instead of Dolls Kill

10 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Support Instead of Dolls Kill
04:58 Oct 12

#blackownedbusiness #Fashion #Style Alternative fashion store Dolls Kill is currently being boycotted due to an insensitive post from the founder appearing to support police brutality. This isn’t the first time they’ve had claims of racism against them, though, as the company has had several instances of displaying unapologetic cultural appropriation. They’ve also been accused of being anti-sex worker by Twitter users. Dolls Kill went on to make a less than acceptable apology, which wasn’t received well as brands began to cut ties. “We fucked up. We should have been quicker [and] louder,” the company wrote on social media. Rather than support this controversial brand, AltPress has compiled a list of black-owned businesses that aren’t fast fashion, are in support of Black Lives Matter and have alternative, unique designs. From lingerie and enamel pins to cropped hoodies and silver skirts, you’re sure to find a new business to love. To show support through donations, connect with grassroots campaigns and obtain resources for allies, please refer to the links below. GRL TRBL: @d Tier NYC: @ Badmouthed Bruja: @ Ota-Q Apparel: @ Feelmore Adult Gallery: @ Adorned By Chi: @ Love,Cortnie: @ Gothic Lamb: @amb/ d.bleu.dazzled: @ Love, Vera: @ions/all Help the family of George Floyd: @efloyd Fight for Breonna Taylor here: @ Help the family of Ahmaud Arbery: @-with-maud To sign petitions for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and more: @ Donate to one or more community bail funds for protesters: @bail_funds_george_floyd Click here for more resources for protestors, including pro-bono lawyers: @ Visit Movement For Black Lives for additional ways you can help the cause: @ Click here to connect with leaders building grassroots campaigns. Here are some anti-racism resources for allies who want to learn more: @ For other ways to donate, please head here: @t/d/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-VlBO-QgirITwCTugSfKie5Fs/mobilebasic Make sure to Subscribe! And tap the bell so you NEVER miss a video: @ Visit AltPress – @ FACEBOOK - @s/ TWITTER – @s/ INSTAGRAM – @s/ GET OUR NEWEST ISSUE – @e #AP #AltPress #AlternativePress #APTV #BlackOwned #BlackOwnedFashion #BlackOwnedBusiness #Lookbook #Style #LoveVera #OtaQ #Feelmore #AdornedByChi

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