'Singer fashion maker 3229-tutorial -malayalam'

'Singer fashion maker 3229-tutorial -malayalam'
05:18 Nov 24, 2023
'Explained about the different parts of sewing mechine and their use. Hope that all can understand well.  If any doubts, then please mention the comment section below.  Enjoy happy sewing. Thank you.   Please subscribe my channel for useful updates  Thank you for your support.  Armhole cutting 2methods  https://youtu.be/9zFosLSAfhw  Easy mask stiching  https://youtu.be/-FueSSFrKTU  Simple mask  https://youtu.be/L3P9C00CWOM  How to sew buttonhole by  mechine -malayalam  https://youtu.be/CQYokzD99cs  How to sew button by sewing mechine  https://youtu.be/VWDryM1jdNE  Saree locking with roller hemmer foot https://youtu.be/opFkgvWpGQw  Fabric button easy ആയി ഉണ്ടാക്കാം  https://youtu.be/DTTp834kXiM  എളുപ്പത്തിൽ cross piece ഉണ്ടാക്കാം  https://youtu.be/dkG-dUEUXJM   Frock cutting and stiching -malayalam -part 1 https://youtu.be/mmyaFzHyuRs  Frock cutting and stiching -part 2- malayalam https://youtu.be/byi2JVsTQ7M   Easy Satin roses/ribbon roses -handmade  https://youtu.be/N9CnWmxdkhY  Sleeve cutting easy  https://youtu.be/v6JEbVPRR0M  Easy and simple fabric painting  https://youtu.be/2EzDHEXzTBw  Armhole cutting 2easy and simple methods  https://youtu.be/9zFosLSAfhw  Simple and easy mask -malayalam  https://youtu.be/e2sKlF6jUXA  Easy fabric painting  https://youtu.be/KbMTDu5tXZw   Churidar top cutting basis measurements-malayalam  https://youtu.be/-rRxOtCeS-k  Churidar cutting and stiching -part 1-malayalam  https://youtu.be/OPdjNonQdqA  Churidar cutting and stiching part 2 malayalam  https://youtu.be/MaGgue7uSvI   Neck stiching without canvas and crosspiece  https://youtu.be/GnedoSJubCs  Churidar petticoat cutting and stiching https://youtu.be/AJ-vCj0N3ak   Bell, frill, umbrella cut sleeve -malayalam  https://youtu.be/YBqMU1ibgVc' 

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