'Animal Jam Play Wild Fashion Show Role-Play!!'

'Animal Jam Play Wild Fashion Show Role-Play!!'
19:34 Sep 14

'Hi guys Minilillybun2008 here and I\'m doing an amazing giveaway here on this channel! So here is the more detailed description of the giveaway. Prize: Spiked wristband (colour of your choise) and rare home-made wings. Rules: 1. Be subscribed (I will check) if not you will not be entered into the giveaway. 2. Like the video. 3. Turn on notifications so you get notified every time I upload. 4. Comment your Animal Jam Play Wild username(s) example \" Username: Lillybun I subscribed, I would like both prizes and I turned on notifications for your channel.\" WILL END AT 20 SUBSCRIBERS! How it will be announced: I will be using an online random generator for my computer that chooses a username fairly. No member of my family is allowed to enter this giveaway. I might record me doing the online generator or I might not. But on my channel I will announce immediately when I get the results and upload it. You must do all the things listed or you will not be entered into the giveaway. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!'

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