'Barbie Spin Art Designer with Doll - Create your own designs!'

'Barbie Spin Art Designer with Doll - Create your own designs!'
00:21 Apr 8

'http://www.MegaDyskont.pl - toy store Create your own designs and let the fashion designer in you shine with the Barbie Spin Art Designer. Select your fashion, pick your paint colors and spin a new and unique design for Barbie doll! Young designers will love the fun of expressing their creative side and watching their ideas come to life. Every outcome will be different, and, with washable fashions, you can wash out a design and start all over for endless creative expression. Designing is easy. Choose one of three included washable dresses, and place it on the dress form. Different colors and trendy silhouettes provide options for numerous looks and styles. Attach the dress form to the spin art unit and close the pink lid. Select one of the three paint colors (pink, yellow and blue paints are included) and shake the bottle up. Pump the lever on the spin art unit to make it spin, and add paint drops through the holes on the unit\'s lid as it spins. Continue to pump the lever to allow the paint color to spread in cool and fun ways. Once you\'re happy with the amount of paint you\'ve added, open the lid to reveal your custom-designed dress. Spin a little or a lot. Choose one paint color or all three. You decide because you\'re the designer! Dress the included Barbie doll in your fabulous spin art fashion and black booties that complement any style. Create fabulous looks to play out your own stories or display your designs. Young creative will enjoy the endless expression and storytelling possibilities because with Barbie, you can be anything! Includes Barbie doll wearing one washable fashion and shoes, the spin art unit, one dress form, two additional washable fashions and three bottles of paint. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.'

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