'Hitman 3 : The Show Stopper Mission Gameplay Eliminating Viktor Novikov & Dalia Margolis #gamin #pc'

'Hitman 3 : The Show Stopper Mission Gameplay  Eliminating Viktor Novikov & Dalia Margolis #gamin #pc'
38:29 May 12

'This is Hitman III where Agent 47 is back 2 Business to take down enemies & Make highly covert operations That should show as an accident or kill them & totally disappear without a single tale or evidence on what happened in the place on this mission agent 47 heads to Paris , France to a very strong event where he has to eliminate and takedown two very powerful targets before an auction is made on a very important Piece of Antique or a weapon , so agent 47 heads to the party and the fashion show where he got to many entrances and disguises , one of the most important of them that he typically look like the man of the show as he got the same bone structure of the face so no one ever will notice what happened , detonating the fire works is the best way for distraction so you can kill one of your enemies in the open air when everyone is looking at the sky to watch the fireworks , and the best part of the mission is the way of the extraction when he can go with the plane of the Model of the show and escape the palace without a single note about what happened , but also there\'re many other ways to do it you can discover it your selves . #Hitman #Agent47 #Intel #disguise #Covert #operation'

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