'80s Casuals Classics Neil Primett on Lois a big comeback style'

'80s Casuals Classics Neil Primett on Lois a big comeback style'
05:55 Apr 27

'Neil introduces the latest Denim lines from Lois, Weekend Offender & Pretty Green. Lois Marvin Classic straight leg jean: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/lois-cords-and-jeans/lois-marvin-classic-straight-leg-dark-denim-jeans-2106600-314608-705248.php Lois Terrace Dark Jeans: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/lois-cords-and-jeans/lois-terrace-dark-jeans-regular-taper-fit-2108403-335561-709559.php Weekend Offender - Tapered Fit Dark Denim Jean: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/weekend-offender/weekend-offender-tapered-fit-dark-denim-2108114-314608-708919.php Weekend Offender - Regular Slim Fit Dark Denim Jean - http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/weekend-offender/weekend-offender-regular-slim-fit-dark-denim-jeans-2108071-314608-708818.php Pretty Green Regular Straight Leg Jean: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/pretty-green/pretty-green-regular-straight-leg-dark-rinsed-jean-2108404-314608-709560.php Check out these brands online: Lois: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/p0/lois-cords-and-jeans/335561.htm Weekend Offender: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/p0/weekend-offender/394045.htm Pretty Green: http://www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/p0/pretty-green/394068.htm Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/casualclassics Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/80scasualclassics'

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