'At Prabal Gurung, Kelly Rowland defends close friend Serena Williams; talks politics in fashion, Gig'

'At Prabal Gurung, Kelly Rowland defends close friend Serena Williams; talks politics in fashion, Gig'
06:24 Apr 2

'(10 Sep 2018) ++CLIENTS NOTE: SHOT 12 CONTAINS A PROFANITY. PLEASE USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION AND SCREEN BEFORE AIRING.++ RESTRICTION SUMMARY: CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THE MUSIC USED IN THE RUNWAY PORTION OF THIS EDIT HAS NOT BEEN CLEARED. WE RECOMMEND YOU REPLACE IT WITH YOUR OWN CLEARED MUSIC./ EDITORIAL USE ONLY ON THIS MATERIAL. ASSOCIATED PRESS New York, 9 Sept. 2018 1. Wide pan of interior of venue 2. CU seat seat assignment card that reads, \'I am a voter.\' 3. Wide of photographers, pan to Debby Ryan seated 4. SOUNDBITE (English) Debby Ryan, Actress - on what goes through her mind while watching a fashion show: \"I think it\'s as literal as I need that piece but also I think as inspirational as, this style, this collection, this kind of silhouette is something that I\'m really attracted to and being able to find _ especially someone like Prabal who I just find myself magnetized to almost everything that like see and create so that any version of it that I know will be something that hits and resonates and to be able to kind of be here and watch all of the work that he\'s put into it, and watch it unfold is really, really fulfilling and gorgeous.\" 5. Wide of photographers, pan to Awkwafina seated 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Awkwafina, Actress: \"I mean I encourage politics to be involved in every aspect of life. I think the cool thing about Prabal and the thing I admire most about him is that he\'s not scared to take those risks and I\'m really excited to be here. It\'s really cool. It\'s like beautiful.\" 7. Wide of Awkwafina, left, and Gemma Chan, right, posing for photos 8. SOUNDBITE (English) Awkwafina, Actress: \"It\'s amazing. This is my first ever fashion week so, you know, I\'ve been seeing like the tents go up since I was in high school but I never was here so it\'s a dream beyond belief. Yeah.\" 9. Wide of photographers, pan to Kelly Rowland standing and posing 10. SOUNDBITE (English) Kelly Rowland, Recording Artist - on Prabal Gurung\'s messaging: \"I\'m just happy about the fact that it\'s been so loud, you know what I mean, of really getting everybody out. We are in really stressful, tight times and a time of division where voting and our voices literally have to be heard or we are going to be in some serious trouble moving forward.\" 11. Cutaway of Kelly Rowland giving an interview ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: SOUNDBITE BELOW CONTAINS A PROFANITY.++ 12. SOUNDBITE (English) Kelly Rowland, Recording Artist - on people who think fashion shouldn\'t be political: \"I mean we\'re always gonna _ who gives a shit? Who gives a shit? If you speak up for something that you believe in for your opinion, it\'s your opinion. It doesn\'t matter if anybody agrees with it or not. We have the leader of the free world saying whatever he wants to say and it\'s the most disgusting thing. He\'s just out of line (laughs) so he\'s just out of line with a lot of things that he says. I just, yeah.\" 13. Tilt up on Kelly Rowland 14. SOUNDBITE (English) Kelly Rowland, Recording Artist - on Serena Williams\' dispute with the chair umpire during the U.S. Open final: 15. Zoom out on Huma Abedin seated front row 16. SOUNDBITE (English) Yolanda Hadid, TV Personality: \"Yes, I\'m just, you know, my heart is filled with proudness obviously. It\'s great to see your children do what they love to do and thrive so, yeah, it\'s a great week. And New York is just so alive. I feel like everybody is out and it\'s a beautiful time.\" 17. Beginning of runway show; Joan Smalls walks first followed by Gigi Hadid, second, and Anwar Hadid, fourth 18. Tilt up on Anwar Hadid 19. Various of Bella Hadid walking 21. Finale 22. Prabal Gurung bow Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives ​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f8df868a74882d929c9801d2389d1166'

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