'Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Tips'

'Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Tips'
01:19 Mar 14

'\'Fast\' fashion is destroying the planet and exploiting garment workers for cheap labour. As consumers, there are a few things we can do to reject this fast fashion narrative. Instead join the sustainable fashion movement with our top ethical tips. http://bit.ly/1VEiSA5 Credits : Music: Ryan Little: Road Trip Landfill clip: David Wilson Recycle Clothes: Michael Coghlan via Flickr – M&S: Think Retail via Flickr Second Hand Shop – William Murphy via Flickr Vintage Shop: Ashton via Flickr Clothes rack: Sally via Flickr Clothes Swap: The SWAP Team via Flickr Garment worker: ILO/A.Khemka via Flickr Worker protest: Annette Bernhardt via Flickr Eco fashion: Jason Hargove via Flickr'

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