'\'FASHION WEEK\' | Mercy Montage - Overwatch'

'\'FASHION WEEK\' | Mercy Montage - Overwatch'
02:33 Mar 12, 2023
'hey everyone! as usual, here is my upload for the week! this weeks montage is another mercy one, but on console. i\'m so sorry if its not the best, i was limited on time to get clips and i don\'t play mercy a lot anymore. this is my 2nd mercy montage too, so if you guys have any advice or feedback, please let me know for possible future montages. thanks for watching!  - subscribe to my channel if you want to see more content related to this!  http://youtube.com/powdurr?sub_confirmation=1 - subscribe to my shorts channel if you’d like to see my individual clips/highlights! (Powdurr Shorts) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC006FDgNGKfbonpj34Q9sHw - song(s) used: • fashion week (its different remix) by blackbear (i do not own any music in the video, it belongs to its respective owners)  

Tags: Overwatch , mercy

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