'Mirror Phantom of the Opera Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman'

'Mirror Phantom of the Opera Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman'
07:16 Mar 9

'The Mirror - Phantom Of The Opera Phantom: Insolent boy, this slave of fashion. Basking in your glory. Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor. Sharing in my triumph Christine: Angel, I hear you. Speak, I listen. Stay by my side. Guide me. Angel, my soul was weak; forgive me. Enter at last, Master. Phantom: Flattering child, you shan\'t know me. See why in shadow I hide. Look at your face in the mirror. I am there inside. Christine: Angel of music, guide and guardian, grant to me your glory. Angel of music, hide no longer. Come to me, strange Angel. Phantom: I am your Angel of Music. Come to the angel of music. I am your Angel of Music. Come to the Angel of Music. Christine: In sleep he sang to me, In dreams he came. That voice which calls to me, And speaks my name And do I dream again? For now I find, The phantom of the opera is there, Inside my mind Phantom: Sing once again with me, Our strange duet. My power over you, Grows stronger yet. And though you turn from me, To glance behind. The Phantom of the Opera is there, Inside your mind. Christine: Those who have seen your face, Draw back in fear. I am the mask you wear. Phantom: It\'s me they hear. Both: Your/my spirit and your/my voice, In one combined. The Phantom of the Opera is here/there Inside your/my mind. Phantom: In all your fantasys you always knew that man and mystery Chrstine: Were both in you Both: and in this labyrinth where night is blind the phantom of the opera is there inside your/my mind Offstage: He\'s there, the Phantom of the Opera! Chrisitne: He\'s there, The Phantom of the Opera! Christine: (Vocalizing) Phantom: Sing my Angel of Music Christine: (Vocalizing) Phantom: Sing my angel. Christine: (Vocalizing higher) Phantom: Sing for me! Christine: (Vocalizing higher) Phantom: Sing my angel of music! Christine: (Sings higher) Phantom: SING FOR ME! Phantom: I have brought you, To the seat of sweet music\'s throne. To this kingdom where all must pay homage to music, Music. You have come here. For one purpose and one alone. Since the moment I first heard you sing, I have needed you with me to serve me, to sing, For my music. My music'

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