'Up coming 10-11-2016 *Fashion Show in Pakistan* P-03'

'Up coming 10-11-2016 *Fashion Show in Pakistan* P-03'
06:22 Feb 18, 2023
'FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/StyletakeCom... CHAYE WALA IN FASHION SHOW ChaiWala  BLUE EYED BOY kHAN BECOME VERY FAMOUS CHAI WALA BECAUSE OF HIS BLUE EYES. youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwd8nNmGFr4Wz1HNf27AfDQ An Islamabad chaiwala, or tea seller, has become Pakistan’s blue-eyed boy, with people on social media calling him Pak’s “nuclear weapon” who could be unleashed for “surgical strikes on Indian girls.” Pakistani Chaiwala winss it big, st modelling contract ISLAMABAD: The famous Chaiwala who has been breaking the internet with his killer eyes and good looks has finally been........... Chai wala gone viral in all the world in a so short time because of his personality and good looks and good men. The girl name Javeria Famous Photographer capture 1 photo of Arshad Khan (chai wala) and post on Social Media and after that chai wala become so famous in all the world wow..... relly nice luck .  The real story is the Chaiwala. The real story is about us ChaiWala says acting in films \'is not honorable job he is not like this... y? \' The chaiwala who went viral just landed his first fashion job - Style relly yes or not????? 11 things you need to know about Arshad Chaiwala We Found The Pyaara Chai Wala, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Him Chai wala lands \'modeling contract\'  O............ ON WAY.... This chai wala is brewing more than a cup of tea WIT big big females models n actors... wow.. This blue-eyed chaiwala is being called Pakistan\'s \'all  ChaiWala says he is open to working in movies pakistani films or indin movise  The name of famous Chaiwala is Arshad Khan, a resident of Mardan city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khan is glad to know he has become famous on the internet and his pictures are being shared on social youtube media facebook. When asked whether girls have visited him, the boy with green-eyes said around 100 to 500 girls had visited his shop since morning and left after taking photos and all youtube videos ChaiWala  ChaiWala  ChaiWala  ChaiWala  ChaiWala  ChaiWala  ChaiWala  ChaiWala   Answering a question, Arshad Khan said he is willing to work in the film industry. Jaweria Ali, the photographer who took Arshad’s famous photo, told a TV channel at the tea shop that she had no idea the picture would go viral.' 

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