'Terraria Armor Duplication Glitch'

'Terraria Armor Duplication Glitch'
03:55 Jan 29

'In this video we explain how to successfully duplicate armor and fashion items by using at least 2 people and 2 mannequins. What you have to do is: - Have 2 mannequins side-by-side - Have at least 2 people - One person gets ready to place the piece of armor or clothing on one mannequin, while the other has his cursor on the same body part of the other mannequin - The person with the armor places it on the mannequin If done successfully, you should now have 2 pieces of the armor/clothing you were trying to duplicate. NOTE: This works with Helmets, Bodies, and Boots. Whatever you can actually place on the mannequin, you can duplicate it. Have fun! - - - - - Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/WeRikeToPray'

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