'Men\'s Corporate Goth: Sharp Office Dark Style'

'Men\'s Corporate Goth: Sharp Office Dark Style'
10:51 Jan 27

'One need not give up the music when entering the corporate world, so why give up your personal style? Dress well, but practical. In a concept from looking good in a mix of Business and Business Casual with good dark aesthetics. A modern day view of five work days of men\'s fashion through the eyes of Victorian Gothic. It is how you look, that projects your level. --------------------- Darkwave Music: White Bat Audio \"Oblivion\" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-wKcIkElIc'

Tags: fashion , style , goth , Elegant , look , black , dark , aesthetics , men's , goth fashion , corp , corporate goth , Men's Corporate Goth

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