'\"S.T Fashion Channel Pakistan\" 2016 Fashion Show Rehearsal Day-2-PART-1'

'\"S.T Fashion Channel Pakistan\"  2016 Fashion Show Rehearsal Day-2-PART-1'
03:46 Jan 22

'\"S.T Fashion Channel\" We are feeling so Proud because in Pakistan there is a lot of Talented Persons like \"Fashion Photographers\", \"Fashion Models\", \"Makeup Artists\", \"Creative Directors\", \"Show Choreographers\", \"Model Coordinators\", \"Model Groomers\" & \"Model\'s Promoter\". But some \"Fake Agencies\" & \"Non Professional persons\" are giving a wrong guidelines to the \"New Comer Models\" however male/female. So Please do not trust on these type of Agencies & Persons & do not waste your time & money because they are providing an Improper ways. If the \"New Comer Models\" Male/Female want to be a \"Professional Model\" they must have to adopt the proper \"Plate Form\". Our Aim & Target is to provide the proper \"Plate Form\" to the \"New Comer Models\" Male/Female via \"S.T Fashion Channel\". Today we will tell you the Right Persons or Way to the Fashion Industry. 1- Fashion Photographer :- Fashion Photographer tells you the right way that how to face the camera because the Fashion Photographer better knows that when & how to capture best Expressions & Style. 2- Model Groomer :- Model Groomer provides the guideline & training about the Expressions, Styling & Grooming also guides how to make the proper Body Language for the Fashion Industry. 3- Makeup Artist :- The best Make Up Artist have a lot of skills to create the best Professional Model & the best Looks for them through his/her Makeup Creativity. \"On Set\" everything is impossible without Makeup Artist. 4- Model Coordinator :- Model Coordinator\'s job is to search & create the best opportunities for the New Comer Models Male/Female. 5- Fashion Designer :- Fashion Designer always use the Professional Models for the Promotions of their best designs. 6- Creative Director :- Creative Director\'s job is to create & assign the Photo Sessions, Video Songs, Fashion Films & Feature Movies of the Professional Models. Also create Themes, Colours, Crops, Set Designing & Backgrounds & makes the settlements as per requirement. 7- Show Choreographer :- Show Choreographer\'s job is to do Learning to the Models that how to do the Ramp Walk. 8- Model\'s Promoter :- Model\'s Promoter job is to introduce the New Comer Models male/female to the Fashion Industry like Fashion Photographers, Model Groomers, Makeup Artists, Model Coordinators, Fashion Designers, Creative Directors, Show Choreographers & Model\'s Promoter but they must be the Well Known Personalities. So do not waste your time & money with \"Fake Agencies\". If you want be a Professional Model & wants a best Plate Form to the Fashion Industry, Subscribe \"S.T Fashion Channel\" on YouTube & watch our videos over there.'

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