'Find Your Identity & fashion style with Fashion Designer Kate Pierre| PROFILE : S02E08'

'Find Your Identity & fashion style with Fashion Designer Kate Pierre| PROFILE : S02E08'
26:56 Jan 20

'Watch Kate tells her story of upbringing in New Zealand and her journey through England, the Caribbean, and now in Canada... Her search for her identity in society and fashion lead her to learn designing and later start create her own look and identity. Fashion Trends | Are you still searching for your identity and your own style? Remember, if you do what you love and be you, people will see that and feel that and accept you for you. At Leighnibor Academy, every story we tell, we believe in moving people closer to their goals, by inspiring, guiding, and providing them with support and tools for growth and self-development. Profile aims to showcase ordinary people, just like you and me, who are redefining what success means. Join us as we delve into the journey, accomplishment, and lifestyle of these amazing people. Thank you for watching our video. If this channel has inspired you in any way, please tell us about it. Subscribe also to our channel here https://bit.ly/3p2dVXI to enjoy more inspiring stories. Like our video & share it with others you feel would enjoy this message! Until next time, keep grinding away and we will see you in the next episode. ------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS ► LEIGHNIBOR ACADEMY : https://bit.ly/3p2dVXI​​​​​​ ROBBIE\'S CHANNEL : https://bit.ly/313frAZ -------------------------------------------------- WATCH MORE ► NEW TO OUR CHANNEL - START HERE: https://bit.ly/3nO3ckh PROFILE SEASON 1 - STORIES OF SUCCESSFUL STARTUPS: https://bit.ly/3rcbyo2 UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS: DAILY INSPIRATION : https://bit.ly/30Ta4ob​​​​​​ -------------------------------------------------- FIND US ON ► LinkedIn | https://linkedin.com/company/LeighniborAcademy Instagram | https://instagram.com/LeighniborAcademy Facebook | https://facebook.com/LeighniborAcademy URL | http://Leighnibor.academy/​​​​​​ -------------------------------------------------- #fashion​​​​​​​​​​ #fashiontrends​​​​​​​​​​ #fashiontrends2022 Find Your Identity & fashion style with Fashion Designer Kate Pierre| PROFILE : S02E08'

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