'Best Combat Boots for Dog Walking and Professional Dog Walkers 2020 Review'

'Best Combat Boots for Dog Walking and Professional Dog Walkers 2020 Review'
05:54 Dec 27, 2022
'Love Dogs? WATCH THIS and SUBSCRIBE for more. We have endless new and all original content you won’t want to miss! The vlog Review by a Professional Dog Walker from Glasgow, Scotland.  Link to Boots on Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079DRZ1YW  This is a honest video of a Boots Review of the Savage Island Leather Side Zip Army Patrol Tactical Action Combat Boots from Amazon in the United Kingdom. They are budget boots that remain waterproof for a good amount of use, last a long time and can take some punishment. Being Zip-up boots makes them practical for a muddy job or hillwalking or hiking. The are also good Boots to use in Ice and Snow.  We (myself, my Pomeranian called Poppy, and the Only Kat in the Pack, my Fiancée and occasional Photographer Katherine) have started a vlog showing the great times and also the hard times of being a self-employed professional dog walker in this post-Covid hit world. We cover Dog Walking, Dog Training, Dog Pack Training, but mostly just the big ups and down of life. Plus some really cute Pomeranian and even Puppy YouTube Shorts and Doggo Snapchats. In fact you will see so many different breeds of dogs on this channel being playful dogs, funny dogs, silly dogs and all types of dogs having fun!  www.PollokPooches.co.uk www.facebook.com/PollokPooches www.instagram.com/pollokpooches www.patreon.com/PollokPooches' 

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